Elk & Red Deer Hunting In Poplarville, Mississippi

Experience the thrill of hunting majestic elk and elusive red deer at Hunter's Bluff, the premier hunting destination in Poplarville, Mississippi!

Big Game Hunting In Poplarville, Mississippi

Experience the Pinnacle of Hunting Adventure at Hunter's Bluff: Where Wilderness Meets Luxury

Red Deer and Elk Hunting In Poplarville Mississippi

In the rustic surroundings of Poplarville, Mississippi, lies a haven for hunting enthusiasts and nature lovers alike: Hunter’s Bluff. This expansive hunting preserve boasts hundreds of acres of pristine wilderness that beckons to those in search of authentic outdoor experiences. Within the sprawling estate, you will find an unrivaled assortment of wildlife, offering an extensive range of hunting possibilities. From the majesty of Elk, Axis Deer and Red Stag to the exotic allure of the Scimitar Horned Oryx, Hunter’s Bluff is not merely a destination—it’s an invitation to the hunting adventure of a lifetime.


A Verdant Paradise

The moment you set foot on the Hunter’s Bluff preserve, you will be enveloped by the verdant splendor of southern Mississippi. Towering pine trees and thick foliage are more than just scenery; they’re the lifeblood of the wildlife that call this sanctuary home. But beyond the stunning landscape, what truly sets Hunter’s Bluff apart is its commitment to sustainable, ethical hunting. Our practices ensure not only the conservation of animal populations but also the preservation of their natural habitat.

A Bounty of Hunting Choices

At Hunter’s Bluff, we pride ourselves on providing a diversified hunting experience, a veritable cornucopia of choices that cater to every skill level and interest. Our selection of animals for hunting is as rich in variety as it is in numbers.

Axis Deer

Originally from India, Axis Deer, also known as Chital, have thrived in the American landscape. They are admired for their stunning, reddish-brown coats and impressive antlers. More importantly, they are agile, making them a fulfilling yet challenging target for hunters.


For those seeking a more traditional experience, the North American Elk offers an exciting hunt. With a keen sense of smell and hearing, these creatures are both elusive and grand, providing a gratifying pursuit for hunters of all expertise levels.

Red Stag

As a cousin of the American Elk, the Red Stag is another highly sought-after game animal. Known for their enormous antlers, which can have as many as 20 points, hunting a Red Stag is considered a prize achievement in the hunting community.

Scimitar Horned Oryx

For those with an appetite for the exotic, the Scimitar Horned Oryx provides a unique hunting challenge. These African antelopes are as striking as they are rare, marked by their long, curved horns and distinctive coat. This makes them one of the most exciting and unique games to hunt at Hunter’s Bluff.


We also offer the opportunity to hunt crosses—hybrid animals born from the mating of different species. These unique creatures offer a novel hunting experience that is not commonly found in other preserves.

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